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Visitor Visa

Canada welcomes you as a tourist, student or temporary worker. Every year, more than 5 million people visit Canada. While applying for a Visitor or Temporary Resident visa you need to meet certain entry requirements.

To visit Canada, you must:

· Have a valid travel document, such as a passport

· Be in good health

· Satisfy an immigration officer that you have ties, such as a job, home and family, that will take you back to your country of origin

· Satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit and

· Have enough money for your stay. The amount of money you need can vary with the circumstances of the visit, how long you will stay and whether you will stay in a hotel or with friends or relatives.

In addition to the above you may also need:

· Temporary Resident Visa, depending on your citizenship

· A medical examination and

· A letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada.

The people involved in criminal activities, in human rights violations or in organized crime are inadmissible and are not allowed to come to Canada. People can also be inadmissible for security, health or financial reasons.

If you have committed or been convicted of a criminal offence, you may not be allowed to enter Canada. Criminal offences include both minor and serious offences, such as theft, assault, manslaughter, dangerous driving and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you were convicted of a crime when you were under the age of 18, you can probably still enter Canada..

Visitors should make sure that before travelling to Canada they obtain the Health Insurance coverage. Canada won’t pay visitors for any Medical expenses during their stay in Canada.

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