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Child Adoption

International adoption: Canadian citizens and permanent residents adopt about 2,000 foreign children every year. Citizenship and Immigration Canada works promptly to deal with the adoption cases but still the international adoption process may take longer time to finalize the cases.

Following two processes are involved in the international adoptions:

· The adoption process; and
· The immigration or citizenship process.

Both the processes must be completed by you and your adopted child before you can bring the child to live with you in Canada.

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for an international adoption.

· The adoption requirements of the province or territory or the country where you live, and
· The adoption requirements in the child’s home country.

You must contact your provincial or territorial government office to get the required information about adopting a child as the provincial and territorial governments are responsible for adoptions in Canada. Some provinces and territories use licensed agencies to handle the adoption process.

If you are adopting a child from a foreign country then you must obey the laws of that country about adoption. The Hague Convention governs international adoptions in many countries, including Canada. The provincial government office will explain the requirements if your adopted child is from a country that follows the Hague Convention.

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